King of the Sea

(Ode to Jim Payne's fall in the water!)

by Tom Kovacs and Matthew Swan

Sung to the tune of King of the Road <-- click here for a little musical accompaniment

Jim Payne's a friend of mine
Zodiac driver is his line
No chance we'll soon forget
The day Jim Payne got all wet

He was ripped up on outboard fumes
Singin' out Newfoundland tunes
He took one long step off the pontoon
King of the Sea!

Jim Payne's a dancin' fool
Twinkle toes, the old scuff shoe
He's got Newfoundland class
But on the day Jim soaked his ass

There was no hint of Fred Astaire
As he scrambled for a breath of air
He's a man beyond aquatic measure
King of the Sea!

        Now I hear Jim Payne is tellin' tall tales
        Of seein' no dolphins and seein' no whales
        And telling everyone he used his body for bait
        But we know Jimmy's body's really not that great

Well since that fateful day
The ship has never been the same
There's now a crack in the hull
From where Jim Payne hit his skull

And now old Martin's askin' how
How to fix the Polar Star
He said 'Jim you gotta sell your guitar'
You old King of the Sea, King of the Sea, King of the Sea!

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