September 19th, 2002 - Trinity Harbour, New Bonaventure, "Random Passage" set, Bonavista, Giovanni Caboto

Zodiac ShuttleOur first stop this morning was at Trinity, a restored fishing village, and also a place where some filming had been done for the Newfoundland mini-series "Random Passage". The grey building below was used for a shop sequence. Inside, we chatted with some locals who had been extras in the movie. One young man showed me how they'd been having trouble finding enough authentic early 19th-Century props to fill the shelves, so they'd put in fake drawer fronts to cover some of them up.


From Trinity, we took buses to New Bonaventure, where the majority of the filming was done for the mini-series. Here we see the great view they had of a natural harbor, and a make-shift but sturdy pier.

Random Passage Set - Fake CodAnd here we saw some of the very common silhouettes in Newfoundland, the split and salted dried cod. On closer inspection, it wasn't *real* cod -- it was just plastic. But it still looked real!

Replica of John Cabot's ship, the "Matthew"In the afternoon, we went to Bonavista, with a fine museum at the Ryan Premises about the demise of the 500-year-old cod fisheries around Newfoundland. Afterwards, we visited the spot where the explorer John Cabot (aka Giovanni Caboto) landed in 1497. There was a replica there of his ship "Matthew".

Back aboard ship, Tom Kovacs made an appearance as Giovanni Caboto, singing a parody song about the explorer, which was written by another Adventure Canada culturalist, Ian Tamblyn.

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