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Subj:  Re: [SE2600-P] PhreakNIC Code Lab - Lesson 9 - Where the poem points
Date: 09/14/2000 2:59:36 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Alan Ritzert)
To: wrote:
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Start: 1h19m7s

(translation attempted through stuttering, and other misc. background

Currently we are not allowed to go over 128 in encryption codes. Is
there any possability that fractal encryption codes will come into

The 128 bit encryption is actually used for export. You cannot transmit
128 bit encryption outside of the US. New PGP, er, PG rather.. GNUPG,
the main archives are kept outside US jurisdiction for that, and it's
open source, and it doesn't fall under that catagory. Another type of
encryption that completely bypasses that, one word for you:
Steganography. This is an encryption that doesn't encrypt data in a
conventional sense, but rather hides it in another data stream. It's
like embedding data into a JPEG image. You could actually put a work..
the Library of Congress, in a picture! It currently works with GIF,
BMPs, PNGs, WAV files.. it doesn't work with JPEGs or MPEGs because it
compresses the data.. and you'll lose some of the data. The way it's
different from a watermark ..If you dont know where the data was
secreted in the file, you can't find it. If you're really interested in
this, there's a book called "Dissappearing Cryptography" that talks all
about it, and you can do a word search on "Steganography" online, and
get all sorts of free programs. Steganography like Stegasaurus. We'll
talk more about that in the Hacking 201 panel, and there may even be
something related to that with the Phreaknic v3.0 puzzle, ya never know.

End: 1h20m38s

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