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Lesson 9 - Where the poem points

Subj:  [SE2600-P] PhreakNIC Code Lab - Lesson 9 - Where the poem points
Date: 09/14/2000 2:11:41 PM Central Daylight Time

This is an ongoing series to dissect the PhreakNIC v3.0 code, which can be
seen at

A lot of you have been waiting for this.  You're gonna *like* this lesson.

And then, I'm going to dump a bunch of homework on you.  But trust me, it'll
be worth it.

Okay, here we go:

The poem that we've been working on does not tell us how to make a PGP key
for the next section, but it *does* tell us where to find a key.  Or at
least, it points to somewhere else to start looking.

The part that we needed was here, in the letters that were set off with []
  t se i e m h t r . l k r

As is everything else in the poem, it's an anagram.  The different twist
though, is that it's an anagram of an HTML link, and that it uses jargon.

If you looked at the homepage, you may have noticed that the
Projects page is named "top_sekrit", with "sekrit" being the deliberately
misspelled jargon that I've been referring to all along, and the word that
JonnyX occasionally uses in his posts to the list.

The PhreakNIC v2.0 Code also used the word "sekrit" in its solution, which
was pointed out in both the PhreakNIC v2.0 and PhreakNIC v3.0 program books.

So if we pull "sekrit" out of the above letters, we get:

 t se i e m h t r . l k r  -->   sekrit

Pull out .html, too:

  sekrit   -->  sekrit.html (with "er" left over)

No, the page isn't just "sekrit", it's "sekriter".



  - Check out the page at:

  - Other homework: Go to the EFGA site, at, and locate
the audio files from the DragonCon 2000 tracks.  Listen to the "Hacking 101"
talk.  If you're short on time (or patience) and don't want to listen to the
whole thing, fast-forward to about the 1h17m or 1h19m mark, and listen to the
next few minutes of the file.  You'll hear JonnyX and the other panel members
talking about some cryptography stuff that's directly applicable to the next
section of the Code.

  - Also, for the next section we're going to have to go on a web treasure
hunt for a couple things. I strongly recommend, so get
familiar with it.  Know it.  Love it.  Google is your friend.  :)

  - Extra credit:  If someone would like to type up a text transcript of the
above portion of the DragonCon track and post it to the list, you can earn a
brownie point. And...  a hint.  And... a shrubbery!  And maybe even a beer. :)

Next installment:  To heck with text, we've got pictures!

Elonka  :)
AIM: Elonka

"I'm a gamer.  It's what I am.  It's what I do."

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