Waterboat Point

This was a relatively small landing area, where it was decided to try and get everyone from the Planetary Society together for a group picture.  It was a tricky business though, trying to get everyone to clamber up the guano-slick rocks into one location.

Upon leaving Waterboat Point, we went out for a ride in our Zodiac rafts, and took some pictures of seals hanging out on local ice floes.

We also managed to find some humpback whales, who seemed as curious about us, as we were about them!
Click here if you'd like to see some more pictures of the whales.

Then on the way back to the ship, we had a great time taking pictures of each other between rafts as we went flying over the waves.

 This picture may *look* like it was easy, but imagine me being as bundled up as these folks are, maneuvering my camera for the shot while wearing a heavy glove, *and* trying to time the shot so that I was at the top of a "bounce" and could actually see everyone's faces, not just the bottom of the raft <grin>.

Josef and Connie.  Look at that grin!  :)


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