Along with penguins, whales, seals, and rocks, I also got lots of pictures of my fellow adventurers!

Our late-night card-playing group.  That's me in the upper righthand corner, smiling brightly because I just won the last round!  ;)  Clockwise from me: Jon Sari, Joe Breeden, Connie Seidman, and Digby Tarvin, busily dealing out cards for the next round.  Also in our group, but not shown because he's taking the picture: Steve Trampe, a fellow St. Louisan.

     Connie & Digby, bundled up Antarctica-style
Digby, in true Australian-British explorer fashion.

Angela & Larry, one of the "hot couples" of the expedition.  ;)
Two of our expedition leaders Adriana Ocampo and Dr. Louis Friedman there on the left, and on the right raising his glass, is Ian Stone.

Bob Nansen -- one of our expedition leaders, an extremely friendly and knowledgeable naturalist, and an all around nice guy.

Angela, Joe, Gordon, and others toast a successful expedition.  Let the partying begin!

Steve & Kathy Harshbarger

  Thaddeus and Yvonne Pasternak

Our Assistant Expedtion Leader Allan White, from the Falkland Islands

Bernd, the ever-smiling Leoni, and Cam.

Joe Castrovinci & Gordon Smith

Penguin Power!

Though Quark Expeditions had gone to great lengths to emphasize that Antarctica (and the ship) were *not* wheelchair-accessible, there was one hardy Israeli who was determined to see the continent, despite the lack of a right leg (he had lost it in an automobile accident at the age of ten).  He needed a bit of extra assistance to navigate some of the slippery rocks at our landing sites (you can see Tony and Christoph helping him in this picture), but overall he did extremely well, even navigating his way up the glacier at Neko!  He was quite an inspiration to me, especially when I twisted my own knee while navigating the steep stairway down from the bridge...  I figured if he could still see Antarctica with one leg, I could do it with one and a half!
Click here for pictures of many other folks from our farewell dinner!

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