Hannah Point, Livingston Island

One of the highlights of our visit to this island, was being able to get very close to some sleeping elephant seals.  This group had mostly females, and a couple unmated males.

Click here for a map of Livingston Island, which is part of the South Shetland Islands chain.
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An apparently unconcerned sheathbill strolling past the snoring seals.

And a gentoo penguin hurriedly waddling along to wherever it is that gentoo penguins hurriedly waddle to.
Here a female elephant seal had just emerged from the ocean, and was demanding the right-of-way through a flock of gentoo penguins that didn't seem particularly interested in challenging her.


 There were lots of chinstrap penguins on this island as well.  Note the green grasses and algae in these pictures...  Not exactly the kind of background against which you'd expect to see a penguin, eh?


Upon landing here and hiking up the hill a bit, I saw this very interesting vein of brick-red rock running along the hill.  It was about 3-4" wide, and crumbly.  Anyone care to take a stab at identifying it?  Please write to me if you know what it is.

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