The Truth Is Out There....  Well, maybe not in *these* pictures.  ;)

When I got back from Antarctica, and showed my penguin & iceberg pictures to my co-workers at Simutronics, I was amused by how some of them were determined to see any extra spot or scratch as a UFO <chuckle>.

So, in deference to true alien-mania, here are the best of the UFO pictures.  Feel free to speculate to your heart's content!

Here, caught by sheer accident while your innocent photographer was taking a picture of some happy frolicking penguins...  But wait!  What's that, up in the sky?  A blemish on the negative?  A speck on the lens?

Yes, there's definitely something in the sky!  What could it be?

One genuine, unedited blotch. Well, there you have it, Ladies & Gentlemen!  One genuine UFO.  Some may scoff and say that it is merely an out-of-focus petrel, or a skua in the distance.  But, do *you* see wings?  And of course, completely disregard the protestations of the photographer, who insists that she was *there*, and she *didn't* see any aliens, just birds flying around.  Believe what you wish, draw your own conclusions!.


And look!  What can that be?  I can't quite make it out, but it's definitely in the sky, and in some sort of aerodynamic shape!  It must be aliens from another dimension!  Hmm, let's plug the photo into the FBI-authorized scanner/enlarger, and take a closer look...


  Why, it *is* an alien, cleverly disguised as a giant petrel!  Quick, hide the children!


Picture taken by Digby Tarvin, alien photographer extraordinaire! Okay, now this one has *got* to be an alien...  Look at those huge dark eyes, the lack of a discernible mouth, the medical probing equipment on its chest, the malevolent stare...  Oops!  Wait, that's me with a camera, never mind! (Or maybe that's just what I *want* you to think, mwahahahahahahah!)

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