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St. Charles / St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Note: This is a site maintained for historical purposes, of my old AOL website, and is very out-of-date. To see the current site, check http://www.elonka.com. Thanks!

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Elonka-at-a-Glance: Quick-reference to some pictures and general info.

My press/publicity:  Elonka in the News.  Here's a page that lists various places where I've showed up in a press release or had something else written about me, and an explanation of what it all means.

My travels:  

My job:  Click here to learn more about multiplayer games at Simutronics.

My bio:  Autobiographical ramblings (last updated July 2000).

My cryptography hobby:

My gift wish-list: Here's a page that I wrote up as advice for those who are always asking me what I want for Christmas.  ;)

My links to family webpages:
A few sites that are maintained by my relatives (not too many of them are online yet, but as they start up webpages, I'm gonna encourage them <grin>):

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