These are errors which are known or suspected in The Mammoth Book of Secret Code Puzzles (also known as The Mammoth Book of Secret Codes and Cryptograms). Some errors were caused by trouble with the typesetting process, and some were simply missed while the book was being edited. Apologies are offered for any confusion.

Ciphertext errors

Much thanks to Susie Slick for uncovering the following two errors:
  • Page 89, Easy puzzle #69 is a "Challenging" cipher which was accidentally kept in the "Easy" section.
  • Page 115, Easy puzzle #93, had an error in the ciphertext. The correct ciphertext is:
    Wbrj C lrfair a Iusgrtrrq, C was tkho, rafb tcir C oqrw iy swkqo, C sbkuho fkjscorq jkt wbat C gchhro, lut wbat C ahhkwro tk hcvr. O'Aqtaejaj. Tbr Iaj cj tbr Cqkj Iasg.

    Misattributed quotes


    Certain charts or diagrams are difficult to read in some versions of the book:

    Kryptos Part 3 Key

    The table should look like this:


    Phaistos Disk

    A better image of the disk is available at the artist's website: Deniart: Phaistos


    For better images of the Kryptos sculpture, please see: The Kryptos page

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