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U.S. Version - ISBN 0786717262
UK Version - ISBN 1845293258
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Elonka Dunin.  Photo by Suzy Gorman

Released in 2006: The Mammoth Book of Secret Codes and Cryptograms (UK title The Mammoth Book of Secret Code Puzzles), by award-winning code-breaker and game developer Elonka Dunin. This is being billed as the "biggest ever collection of Da Vinci style codes and ciphers," with several hundred paper-and-pencil puzzles, ranging from very easy to fiendishly difficult.

Secret messages, encoded predictions, cryptic clues, never have cryptogram puzzles been so popular, fueled by phenomena such as The Da Vinci Code and The Bible Code. Here is a major new collection of brain-teasing cryptograms and other enciphered challenges to satisfy every level of puzzle aficionado. The Mammoth Book of Secret Code Puzzles contains several hundred encrypted messages, ranging from easy substitution puzzles where each letter stands for another, to fiendishly difficult ciphers using actual wartime methods that were employed by historic figures from Julius Caesar to President John F. Kennedy. This book also includes helpful tips and pointers on how to solve any type of cipher in the book, plus famous unsolved real-world cryptograms such as composer Edward Elgar's Dorabella cipher, the Kryptos fourth section from the center of CIA Headquarters, Emperor Rudolf II's Voynich Manuscript, the Zodiac Killer ciphers, and the 3,500-year-old Phaistos Disk, to ensure that the challenge never ends.

Other special features:

(Both of these are the same book -- just with different covers)
U.S. publisher
Carroll & Graf
March 29, 2006
U.K. publisher
Constable & Robinson
April 27, 2006

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