Wabash Outcrop

Title: May also be known as "Cold Spring Street Station Outcrop", "West Cold Spring Line Metro"

Medium: Sandstone

Location: Outside the West Cold Spring Subway Station, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Size: 30' x 15' x 8'

Date: 1981-1983

Cost: $39,000

Description from the Smithsonian database: A two-piece, abstract sculpture, with a rectangular and a triangular piece, utilizing sandstone blocks with colors of pink, orange, gold, purple, grey, and brown. The rectangular piece is composed of four columns of two stones each, stack one on top of the other. The top of each column is cut at an angle. The triangular piece is composed of eight stones - three main blocks are arranged on an angle and five other blocks are installed at a perpendicular angle to them. The sculpture is set directly on the ground.



1982 Wabash Outcrop - sandstone 30' x 15' x 8' - image courtesy Francoise Yohalem West Cold Spring Line Metro, 14' x 10' x 30' - Final stages of Construction (image donated by Francoise Yohalem) 1980-1982 Unlabeled Slide

image donated by Francoise Yohalem

West Cold Spring - image from Baltimore Metro Subway site Additional Information: A description of the station and its history is available at the Baltimore Metro Subway site.

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