Kryptos (Notes from Elonka on her FOIA quest):

The Kryptos sculpture, created by Washington DC artist Jim Sanborn, was installed in the central courtyard of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in late 1990. The sculpture included a series of encrypted messages.

After multiple followups, I received the results of the FOIA request in June 2013, a nice plump manila envelope in my mailbox. :)

So here, for the first time public, are the internal documents from the NSA's efforts in 1992 to solve the codes on Kryptos.

The FOIA Results

2014 addendum

Another FOIA by Michael Ravnitzky processed in April 2014 with some additional documents. These can be seen at the new (as of May 2014) page in a "Declassification and Transparency" section of the NSA Website entitled CIA Kryptos Sculpture. Thanks Michael!

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