Kryptos Rubbing Kryptos Rubbing Kryptos is a sculpture located on the grounds of CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Installed in 1990, its thousands of characters contain encrypted messages, of which three have been solved (so far). There is still a fourth section at the bottom consisting of 97 characters which remains uncracked. This webpage contains some information about the sculpture, including some photos collected from around the web, some photos and rubbings of the sculpture taken by your intrepid webmistress, links to other articles and Kryptos discussion groups here and there, and information about other encrypted sculptures which have been created by the sculptor, Jim Sanborn.

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Elonka's Journal(s):

Second visit! In March 2019, with the help of the CNN "Great Big Story" video crew, I was able to visit Langley for a second time. For a detailed visit report, along with some additional pictures (which I am still processing) please see the archived messages in the Kryptos discussion group (free to join). The resultant video was released in July 2019 and a podcast with additional information in July 2020.

Rubbing of Kryptos, showing the out-of-alignment 'Y'

First visit: On Friday, October 18th 2002, I had the rare opportunity to closely examine the Kryptos sculpture in the main courtyard. Due to understandable security reasons, I was not able to take my own pictures, but my guides kindly arranged for an official photographer to take a few pictures of me next to the sculpture, plus I was permitted to take some rubbings of Kryptos itself. Each rubbing was done on a standard 8.5 x 11" piece of paper, which gives an idea of the size of the sculpture. And yeah, I know the rubbings are smudged and uneven. I've never done rubbings before, so I make no claims to skill at this! (grin). If you'd like to see them though, check here to see the rubbings. A couple in particular that are worth checking out came from the top line of the lower left panel in the picture. The letters there are "ENDYAHROHN..." This particular line is of interest because a few of the letters were out of alignment with everything else. In the "NDY" and "AHR" rubbings, you can see that the letters "Y", "A", and "R" are a couple centimeters out of alignment. All the other rows on the sculpture seemed to be properly aligned though. So was it an error in the sculpting process, or a deliberate misalignment related to some part of the code? Heck if I know, but here're the ahr and ndy rubbings if you'd like to see them.

Note: I have heard that there are other related sculptures around the complex, including some with morse code messages, but I was unfortunately unable to see these due to time limitations.

On the plus side, it was a sunny day when I saw Kryptos, so I was able to see some interesting ways that light and shadow played around the sculpture.
The Kryptos sculpture at CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia Using the picture on the right for reference, the viewer is facing roughly northwest towards the sculpture. When I was there in the afternoon, the sun was in the sky to our left, and shining down on the sculpture, through some of the letters. There were areas of shadow behind the sculpture where you could read the letters in light. Due to the curve of the sculpture, there were other areas where the light came through in narrow bars, giving a morse code or "i ching" effect.

Elonka at Kryptos, October 2002 Another interesting sight was late in the afternoon, when I was standing near the red petrified wood "gnomon", and when I looked at the white rock on the right, I saw letters illuminated on it. This was especially odd because for this to occur, the light source would have had to have been behind the sculpture, but the sun was still off to the left, so how could that be? Upon further investigation, what I found was that the sun's rays were hitting the windows of the New Headquarters Building behind the sculpture (you can see the green-tinted windows in the photo), and then the glare from the windows was shining back on the sculpture in such a way as to shine beams of "letter" light back onto the white rock, making letters ripple across the surface. It was actually quite pretty!

Another observation I was able to make had to do with the latitude and longitude coordinates that are referred to in the second part of the deciphered code. According to Gillogly's translation, it says:

"It was totally invisible. How's that possible? They used the earth's magnetic field. x The information was gathered and transmitted undergruund to an unknown location. x Does langley know about this? They should: it's buried out there somewhere. x Who knows the exact location? Only WW. This was his last message. x Thirty eight degrees fifty seven minutes six point five seconds north, seventy seven degrees eight minutes forty four seconds west. ID by rows."

Checking those coordinates (38 57 6.5 N, 77 8 44 W) via one of the online mapping services such as Mapquest, Terraserver or Topozone, it obviously points to the general area of CIA Headquarters in Virginia, though the different maps disagree as to the exact location (plus of course it's very hard to see something at that level of detail). Of particular interest to me is the "6.5 seconds" resolution of the north latitude, since this "tenth of a second" resolution narrows a location down to a very specific area (maybe 10-50 feet across).

Kryptos from CIA Kids websiteThere'd been some speculation that the coordinates pointed to the exact location of the Kryptos sculpture itself. By my own calculations with a GPS though (granted, it's a cheap GPS which may have its own accuracy errors built in), the coordinates point to an area about 150' southeast of the sculpture. This was in another courtyard on the other side of a walkway, and I couldn't get into that courtyard because there was a sign saying "emergency exit only". Looking through the windows though, I saw a courtyard with another walkway, some more landscaped areas, and, right where I thought "x marks the spot" might be, I saw an area with a tree and, of most interest, a manhole cover.

At the base of the Kryptos sculpture itself is a round pool with a built-in fountain/pump, forcing water in a circular motion around the pool. I couldn't see into the pool because the water was too murky. As sheer speculation though, what I'm wondering, is whether the manhole cover might lead to some utility tunnels underneath the courtyard, perhaps even to the location of the pump that controls the fountain. There might be another clue or message near that "undergruund" pump.

It is of course impossible for me to explore down that utility tunnel, and probably just as unlikely for any of the agency's analysts to go down there. I'm hoping though that someone there might befriend one of the maintenance staff who *can* go down there, and see if there's anything interesting!

Lastly, I must offer heartfelt thanks to my guides around the building, who patiently answered my questions, worked through the redtape required in order for me to visit, showed *enormous* patience in waiting for me while I examined the sculpture and obtained the rubbings, and acted as gracious (and did I mention patient?) hosts. Thank you!

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