2005 NSA Cryptologic History Symposium, giving a talk on Kryptos and the Cyrillic Projector Ciphers -- and happy that my slides are working! Welcome to elonka.com! !
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The Mammoth Book of Secret Code Puzzles, by Elonka Dunin The Mammoth Book of Secret Code Puzzles, by Elonka Dunin, released in 2006.

Then in 2009 I wrote two articles in Secrets of the Lost Symbol, about Dan Brown's latest novel:

  • Several years ago I used to keep a daily "blog" journal at Memestreams - http://www.memestreams.net/users/elonka
  • I can be found on Twitter at @ElonkaDunin

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    March 2006
    Added link to my Wikipedia biography, and updated book release date.

    December 2005
    Added section of the site for promotion of my book, The Mammoth Book of Secret Code Puzzles

    November 2005
    Posted pics from the NSA Crypto Symposium

    April 2005
    Rearranged page a bit, and added a link to my new site about Saint Raphael Kalinowski and my Uncle Emil Evancich's family tree.

    January 6, 2004
    I'm a Martian! My name is on a DVD which successfully landed on Mars over the weekend, with the NASA Rover "Spirit". Wow!

    December 30, 2003
    Added a "no credit card" free trial signup link for GemStone IV.

    December 16, 2003
    Added lots more info about Kryptos, including a new Kryptos FAQ. Posted a new Famous Unsolved Codes and Ciphers page. Added lots of new articles about miscellaneous accomplishments to the News page and also updated the at-a-glance page.

    September 29, 2003
    Posted link to the announcement about the cracking of the Cyrillic Projector Code. A timeline of who did what is here.

    July 16, 2003
    Slightly rearranged the header, including a reminder that I can be easily reached via AIM.

    June 25, 2003
    Did a major overhaul of the Press page

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    March 26, 2003
    Linking to my quasi-blog (running since December 2002) at Memestreams: http://www.memestreams.net/users/elonka.

    January 20, 2003
    Added Simutronics Timeline with dates of product openings and other major events in the company's history

    December 15, 2002
    Made the Kryptos link live. Also added link to Bruce Schneier's December "Crypto-Gram" newsletter, since he mentions my steganography talk this month. I'm getting a slashdot effect, whee! Thanks Bruce. :)

    December 9, 2002
    Added a (gasp!) picture of myself at the top of the page. It's from one of my vacation pics in Newfoundland during the September 2002 circumnavigation. For more info on that trip, just click on the picture.

    November 27, 2002
    Added a link to Andy's blog page with the solution to the (official) PhreakNIC 6 Code

    November 14, 2002
    Added pictures to the PhreakNIC 6 page, and posted pictures of the Newfoundland Circumnavigation Reunion that took place in Toronto last weekend.

    November 7, 2002
    Added mirror copies of PN6 Codes and some other stuff

    November 5, 2002
    Added links to the PN6 codes, rearranged page organization

    October 31, 2002
    Added link to my Steganography PowerPoint slides.

    October 24, 2002
    Work on the Newfoundland site continues. Also posted a page with Jim Payne's 2002 tour schedule.

    October 2, 2002
    Though not officially linked-in yet, I'm starting to get some pics up from my latest vacation, a Circumnavigation of Newfoundland. Check http://elonka.com/newfoundland to see the site in progress.

    September 10, 2002
    Changed webcounters since my old Beseen one went out of business. Figures. Murphy's law: Your webcounter company will go belly up just as you get a link on Slashdot.

    May 1, 2002
    Added a link to the cryptography tutorial so you can get straight to there from here

    November 16, 2001
    Added pictures of my NYC and PN5 trips

    September 11, 2001 (4 a.m.)
    Added first draft of "Letters" page, with my Emails about the trip.

    Added raw batch of Cambodian Prison pictures (pretty depressing stuff about the S-21 Prison and the Cambodian Killing Fields, so view at your own risk).


    August 28, 2001
    Posted page with links to first batches of pictures


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