September 20th, 2002 - Fogo Island and Twillingate

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In the morning, there was a trip to Fogo Island, declared by the Flat Earth Society as one of the four corners of the world.

<picture> There was also an exhibition of Newfoundland square dancing by some of the local kids.

Twillingate ChurchIn the afternoon, we visited Twillingate, home of our ship photographer Dennis Minty. Another restored fishing village, there were some interesting displays here about a local opera singer (Georgina Stirling, aka Marie Toulinguet) who'd achieved international fame.

There were also displays of old medical instruments here, and a story in one museum about a ship that was foundering near shore -- the waves were too dangerous to get anyone ashore, and when a lifeline was thrown from the ship to rescuers on land, the line was caught and tangled on the rocks. But there was a dog aboard that was able to swim to the tangled line, free it, and then, taking the line in its teeth, it managed to swim ashore, where (human) rescuers got ahold of it, and using the line were able to rescue many of the ship's passengers and crew. What a dog, eh?

Twillingate also became a well-known name to us, as it's the home of the seaman "Abel Rogers" from the song "Wave over Wave": "Me name's Abel Rogers, a shareman am I, on a three-masted schooner from Twillingate Isle":



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